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February means we are on the way to Spring.

01 2018

Spring is the time for renewal, the time to look at ourselves and see we were we can do better. On each San Francisco Food Tour, we try to always do the same. This year, we’re adding some new stops that should be really fun. From fresh focaccia to fresh pasta, we’ve got some great …

February is coming, the perfect time for romance.

26 2018

It is also time for a San Francisco Food Time, the perfect setting for romance, the combination of food and a great tour. We have incredible clean water and air, which makes for the perfect combination. And yet, as we have our San Francisco Food Tours, we are reminded that clean air and clean water …

This time of year, even with our great weather in San Francisco

10 2018

This time of year, even with our great weather in San Francisco, seems the perfect time for comfort foods. Comfort food can change to which San Francisco Food Tour that we are enjoying. In Chinatown, It’s a great time for soups. In North Beach\Little Italy, it’s the perfect time for minestrone. For many of us, …

The New Year is coming and with that a new chance to change ourselves

20 2017

Change is sometimes good and sometimes can be not so good. The question is what we hope to accomplish. Whether we want people around us to their lives to be improved or as we are looking out for just ourselves. On our San Francisco Food Tours, we always ask ourselves about whether we are improving …