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Welcoming in the Change of Seasons

13 2017

On our San Francisco Food Tours, it can sometime be difficult to see the change of seasons. Our weather here in San Francisco does not change very much, usually between 50 and 70 degrees. Anything outside of that is usually considered to very cold or very hot. So, we feel like it’s fall when we …

The Start of a Movement

05 2017

Being from San Francisco, we all tend to think that we can change the world. We tend to think that we can lead from here and affect positive change around the world. Our San Francisco Food Tours are built on that premise. That what we do can have an effect on the rest of our …

Watching the news can surprise anyone nowadays

19 2017

From the perspective of our San Francisco Food Tours, sometimes we sit back and are astounded.    As many people are aware, we recently had a tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia.  We would have expected from every level of our government, from local to state to federal, to express utter disgust at the hate groups and white …