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We’ll have the tour and we’d love to have you join us, however if the weather is not to your liking, call us before the tour starts and we’ll waive the cancellation policy. In other words, no charge or a full refund.


Our San Francisco Food Tours take you into the heart of a San Francisco neighborhood. For example, in North Beach\Little Italy our local guides explore the neighborhood, in which they live, through the food. From local coffee roasters to local chocolatiers, to families who have making pastries and salami for over a hundred years, as well as pizza makers, which natives have been savoring for years, you’ll come away as enamored by San Francisco as we are.

You’ll see North Beach\Little Italy with guides from the neighborhood. Just like us, they are from San Francisco. You’ll see North Beach\Little Italy in a way only a local can. Come on a San Francisco food tour with a local guide from North Beach\Little Italy, someone who is from here.

In Chinatown, being true San Franciscans, our San Francisco Food Tours delve into the real neighborhood of Chinatown. You’ll explore Chinatown with guides who are from the neighborhood, as you savor dim sum and local favorites.

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Our tea tastings will open your eyes to new experiences, as we see the places that have enamored locals for years, from fortune cookies to local markets. You’ll explore the culinary and neighborhood traditions with expert guides whose personal experience of Chinatown will allow you to experience Chinatown as a San Franciscan.

Our Night tour is the best way to get some experience food from Chinatown and North Beach\Little Italy and get a great introduction from both neighborhoods, from tea tasting to dim sum, to pizza and wine, come join and experience San Francisco at night.

Come join us as we explore the real neighborhoods of San Francisco on a food tour that weaves together our neighborhoods with food in a way that only a San Franciscan can.

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Why Local Tastes of the City Tours

  • We’re True Locals, We’re From Here
  • Voted Best City Tour For Three Years
  • Top 10 Walking Tours For Globetrotting Foodies (Lonely Planet)
  • Tours Everyday And Same Day Reservations
  • Experience The Foods And Neighborhood Places That San Franciscans Love.
  • Come Experience Why We Can’t Imagine Living Anywhere Else.
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Walking Tour: 10am | 2pm | 6pm

Join us everyday for our daytime tours at 10am or 2pm. We also offer a Night Tour at 6pm.

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