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Light Sauces


While I’m home from our San Francisco Food Tour of North Beach\Little Italy and Chinatown, sometimes I like a light topping for a number of dishes, from vegetables, to chicken and fish and other meats. One of the best is a combination of fruits, such as citrus fruits and apple fruits.  Cutting up a combination of fruits with some fresh herbs, such as basil or oregano, and a little olive oil, ends as a great topping for a  variety of foods. It adds some additional flavor without the covering everything up.    Additionally, if I’m not careful with sauces, they can become very heavy. One thing that I don’t like is having dinner and then food is so heavy that I feel it for a long time afterward.  After dinner I don’t want to feel hungry, however at the same time, I’ve never liked the feeling of feeling full.  It takes away from enjoying the food.

On our San Francisco Food Tours, our stops don’t like covering up the flavor of foods, so the sauces tend to be on the light side, in other words, we don’t tend to see a lot of heavy sauces. Frequently, the sauces tend to be food or tomatoes or fruits that just came in from the market. Just the same way that I cook at home, the goal is to enhance the  flavor of the food, not to cover it up.

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