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Quick Dinner


Cooking at home from our San Francisco Food Tour of North Beach\Little Italy and Chinatown, sometimes I like to spend time cooking something elaborate and there are some nights that I like a quick dinner.  For those nights, I like keeping things in the kitchen that I can make into a quick dinner.  One of the things that really helps are tortillas.  They are incredibly versatile for a quick dinner.  For example, if I use them as a base, I can brush a little olive oil over them and use everything from tomatoes to tomato sauce, to sliced squash to other vegetables and then bake them in the oven and I end up with something resembling a pizza.  Or, I can make a filling for them, then roll up the filling in them, cover them with something like cheese or a quick sauce and I’ve got a quick dinner.

On our San Francisco, we see our stops will frequently cook something elaborate and sometimes it will be simpler.  Frequently, the simpler dishes are because they have some fresh vegetables or fruits that are in season and they don’t want to do much to them.   For me, it’s also a quick dinner to stop by and pick up something for dinner.  Whether it’s simple or elaborate, it’s still a quick and delicious dinner.

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