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Quick Breakfast


While I’m cooking at home from our San Francisco Food Tour of North Beach\Little Italy and Chinatown, sometimes I like to keep some things around a quick breakfast.  One of those things is crepe batter.  One way to think about crepes is a very thin pancakes that you can use as a wrapper or container that you put whatever you like inside.  Most pancakes recipes do not work very well, as crepes are much thinner than traditional pancakes, so if you use a pancake recipe, it does not work very well.  It’s better to use a crepe recipe. 

 After you have crepe batter, it’s always nice to have a crepe pan.  I happen to have one, however if you don’t have one, any skillet will do.  The first step is preheating the pan, I like to about a medium heat.  It’s really important to let the pan or skillet pre heat, other you won’t be able to form the crepe.  I like to brush the pan with melted butter and pour in about ¼ to 1/3  cup of batter, depending on the size of your skillet or pan.  After you pour the batter in, swirl the pan until the crepe batter covers the entire bottom in a very thin layer.  At that point, just let it cook until the side of the crepe start to come up and you can easily flip the crepe with a spatula, about a minute.  Then, let it cook until the other side is done, usually about thirty seconds.  Then fill the crepe with whatever you like, from eggs to cheese or whatever.

On our San Francisco Food Tours, everyone has their favorite breakfasts.  For me, a crepe in the morning can be a great and quick treat.

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