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Living in San Francisco, sometimes it is challenging to detect the change of seasons.


The weather here only changes about 20-30 degrees year round.  It rarely gets above 70-75 degrees and rarely gets below 45-50 degrees.  As a result, the weather is usually very nice for our San Francisco Food Tour of North Beach\Little Italy and Chinatown.  At the same time, if you go about an hour’s drive outside San Francisco, the weather can change from very hot to cold.  The result is that on our San Francisco Food Tours, the food changes year round.  Thanks to our climate, we have a year round growing season.


Our cooking tends to reflect that. On other words, it’s hard to define San Francisco or California by a specific type of food.  It is more a way of cooking.  We tend to look for whatever is fresh and then try to prepare it in a way that does as little as we can and does not cover up the flavor of the food. We are not into heavy sauces, just enough to enhance the food, but not cover up the food.


The result is whether we on a tour, eating out a restaurant or cooking at home our foods change according to what are season.  It also affects the way that we shop.  We really do not shop with a recipe.  Instead we tend to see what is in season and what is fresh and then go from there.   It makes for a yummy way to eat.

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