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Idea of starting a San Francisco Food Tour


When we looked at the idea of starting a San Francisco Food Tour, it came us to that food is how we connect to each other here. The food and the coffee is what we use to connect at the cafes and in our homes. We had a goal, get people in local food artisans on one of our San Francisco Food Tours, and they would want to come and support those local artisans. We got the idea from working in the environmental movement. If someone saw parkland, they would understand why it was important to preserve it.

At the time we started our San Francisco Food Tours, it was a pretty new idea. Nowadays, there are a lot of national and multinational companies who have started them. For better or worse, they tend to be in it only as a way to make money. We’re a little different, we’re from San Francisco and we want to leave a legacy to the City. In other words, unless they improve medical science incredibly, it’s very likely that will not be alive in 100 years. We’d like to do things that help preserve our neighborhood. It’s the reason that we started our San Francisco Food Tours and it’s the reason and it’s still our goal.

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