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Being from San Francisco, we may have a different viewpoint of our national politics


Being from San Francisco, we may have a different viewpoint of our national politics. On our San Francisco Food Tours, we see how everything in our communities is interconnected. That perspective means that we see how everything is the world is interconnected. When pollution levels are unhealthy in one area of the world, it affects everyone on the planet.

Air and water currents spread unhealthy air and water across the planet. Climate change affects the entire planet. On our San Francisco Foods, we see the same phenomenon. When one part of our local community or neighborhood is being taking advantage of, whether it is local, national, or multinational, it negatively the entire community or neighborhood.

The concept of thinking globally, acting locally is something that we fervently believe in. We are always asking ourselves, whether it is our San Francisco Food Tour of North Beach\Little Italy or our San Francisco Food Tour of Chinatown not only whether what we are doing benefits our local community, but also how does it impact communities around our country, as well as around the world.

Just as air or water pollution affects the entire planet, how we interact with our local community, as well communities across the planet affects us all, no matter where we live. Taking advantage of another communities, no matter where it is located, negatively affects us all. Looking out for other communities around the world positively impacts everyone across the world. We never forget that on our San Francisco Food Tours.

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