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Valentine's Day San Francisco Tours

Valentine's Day is coming and where else would you spend it other than in San Francisco, one of the most romantic places in the world?

We'll be passing around the City's romance with special tours for that day. With a place as romantic as San Francisco we'll have special tours for most of February. And on Valentine's Day, we'll top off a weekend of romance with Valentine's Day tours in the most romantic place, in the most romantic city in the world. In the morning and afternoon, we'll start in the most obvious part of San Francisco for romance, San Francisco's Little Italy. For every part of your Valentine's Day experience, we'll not only try the food, we'll also learn how it's made. From having great coffee, to truffles, bread and pastries, special deli treats, to olive oil, you'll have all of the knowledge to create special moments for your Valentine long after Valentine's day is over.

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What To Expect

In the evening, we'll put you in the right mood. San Francisco is home to multiple cultures steeped in romance, so we'll stroll through the back streets of Chinatown and North Beach by twilight, including tasting dim sum from one of the oldest bakery in Chinatown. You'll find your fortune with a San Francisco original and be enchanted by teas. We'll finish with Italian romance in San Francisco's Little Italy.

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On our 10am and 2pm three hour

  • Explore the North Beach\Little Italy's
  • Foods and Romance
  • Enjoy the Best Coffee Drinks
  • See How Coffee is Roasted
  • Savor Award Winning Chocolates
  • See How the Chocolates are Made
  • Enjoy Fresh Baked Breads
  • Watch Breads Bake in 130-year-old Ovens
  • Taste Local Olive Oils
  • Savor Exquisite Pastries

On Our 6pm Two Hour San Francisco Tour

  • Dim Sum from Chinatown's Oldest Bakery
  • See How Fortune Cookies are Made
  • Explore the Real Chinatown
  • Savor Chinese Teas
  • Explore the Beat Generation Hangouts
  • Mosey Into Authentic Western Saloons
  • Indulge in Delicious Pizza and Wine
  • Explore the Beat Generation Hangouts

What the Press Have to Say

2011 Best of the Bay Winner. Guardian

Guardian SFBG

Explore the culinary side of San Francisco's Italian enclave

USA Today Newspaper

If you want to aggressively snack your way through a neighbourhood as you walk it, consider hanging with cookbook author Tom Medin. You'll learn why certain things just taste better in San Francisco...

Fodor's Travel Intelligence

My favourite paid walking tour in town is the never-boring Local Tastes of the City Tours

Frommer's Guide to San Francisco

Our Additional Sightseeing & Food Bus Tours

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Our North Beach / Little Italy Tour includes all drinks and food everyday at 10 am or 2 pm.

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On their own, Chinatown and North Beach stir your senses.

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Join our sojourn into the hidden Chinatown and you too will be amazed.

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We enjoy customizing our San Francisco tours for your group.

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